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If a house is under construction, there is a point where there is enough information in a photo to create a rendering without having to start a drawing from the very beginning. It is also nice to be able to add landscaping, remove new window labels, or experiment with possible color schemes.

Exploring color choices

Barn with white siding

AS IS: Beautiful new stable, owner wanted to consider color options

Barn with dark brown siding

OPTION: Stable, showing owner how their alternative color would look.

Planning and Zoning Proposal Presentation

Artful Homes artwork

AS IS: Derelict house in mixed-use neighborhood

Artful Homes artwork

PROPOSED: Light industrial building with planned parking and landscaping.

Poor photo lighting, dull time of year.

Artful Homes artwork

BEFORE: Backlit house in wintertime: Landscaping is hard to see, colors are subdued

Artful Homes artwork

AFTER: Brighter, cleaner in an illustrative style that signifies it is a new construction.

Finishing the house, adding landscaping and fencing

Artful Homes artwork

BEFORE: Unfinished house, no landscaping, exterior lights, or grass yet.

Artful Homes artwork

AFTER: Showing it finished, as it will look by the time the advertising is seen.

Finishing the house, changing the season

Artful Homes artwork

BEFORE: Unfinished house in wintertime: Colors are subdued, no landscaping, shutters, exterior lights of grass.

Artful Homes artwork

AFTER: Brighter, cleaner, showing it finished look in springtime.